Beth Ross

Beths Cancer Journal About MeBeth Ross has made it her life’s mission to help women speak life over cancer. It is her goal to help women overcome the fear of cancer and have a positive mind-set when it comes to their cancer healing journey.

On these pages Beth will share with you her healing journey with cancer and how she came to understand that healing cancer is not just about healing the body.  Healing cancer has to be a mind-body-spirit approach.

Beth was diagnosed with a very rare, aggressive cancer in June of 2014. She chose to heal the cancer naturally using foods, nutritional supplements, a RIFE high-frequency protocol and many other natural modalities. It wasn’t until 2016 when she hit rock bottom in her journey that she came to realize that she was missing out on healing all of the areas of her life to see total healing manifested.

Follow along on her blog and facebook pages now as she begins to unfold the journey of cancer healing that has kept her alive beyond the doctors expectations. Here she will share her faith which she believes has been the major contributor in her healing. She declares, “If it were not for my faith and God’s mercy I would not be here today.” She will also share recipes, alternative treatments she’s done, share information on nutritional supplements she’s used and so much more.

To connect with Beth, visit her on facebook at Beths Cancer Journal or if you are a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer join he group on facebook Cancer Healing for Women. This group is faith based group to encourage and uplift you during your journey and beyond.

Here is a video Beth created for her Cancer Healing for Women facebook group: